Xero Integration

Companies on the Team and Corporate plans can integrate with Xero. The integration enables seamless import of expense accounts directly from Xero, and additionally, expense reports are sent to Xero as bills awaiting payment.

Connect Expensify and Xero

In order to connect Expensify and Xero, you will need to be on the Team or Corporate plan and create an expense policy.

Step 1: Navigate to the policy settings

Navigate to the Connections section of the policy settings. To get there go to Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections. From there, choose to create a new Xero connection.

Step 2: Log into Xero and choose your organization

Enter your Xero login information and choose which organization within Xero you want to connect with Expensify. If you wish to connect multiple Xero organizations to Expensify, you can do so by creating multiple expense policies. You can attach a separate organization to each policy (a popular option for accounting firms).

Step 3: Choose your categories

Once the connection has been created, navigate to the Categories section of the policy. Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > Categories. You will notice that your chart of accounts from Xero has been pulled in as Categories in Expensify. You can use the “enabled” check-box to choose which categories will be available for your employees to use.

Its important to note that only expense accounts and any account that has “Show In Expense Claims” enabled will be imported from Xero.

That’s it! The Xero integration is now ready to use.

Export from Expensify to Xero

To export from Expensify to Xero, navigate to the Reports page and select the reports you wish to export. Then click “export to” and choose “Xero”.

Once the reports have been exported, you will see the Xero icon next to the exported reports on the Reports page.

To find the bill that has been created within Xero, navigate to Accounts > Purchases > Awaiting Payment. There you will see that a bill has been created from each expense report to be paid to the report submitter.