The purpose of our enterprise-level HR integrations is to ensure that data is accurately transferred between your HR system and Expensify. Our customers have built on this platform to integrate with Workday, however you can theoretically integrate with any HR system with web services available.

In essence, you provide us with the data, and we update Expensify.  Are you also taking advantage of our direct integrations with your accounting system? No problem, this will complement that well. The HR integration simply automates the process to create and update employee records in Expensify based on changes to  employee records. The integration can:

  • Provision new employees in Expensify, and add them to the correct policy based on data in your HR system. This could be based on, for example, department or even country data.

  • Manage Domain Group membership, in order to restrict employees primary policy selection. This is really helpful for managers who approve reports for employees in other countries other than their home location, but who should only submit on their home policy.

  • Update approval workflows, for example if an employee is on extended leave, if a manager changes roles.

  • Update employee data for custom exports, such as employee IDs, department, and location.

If you have an internal team to create the web services call on your side then we can work together to implement the HR integration for your team. Fill out the form to learn more.





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