Create Custom Units for Specific Expense Types

Creating a custom unit allows you expense specific things per unit. For example, custom units can be used to expense a client for 50 hours of work at $200 per hour. This tool can be used to expense per hour, day, week, widget, etc.

Create Unit.png

How to Create a Custom Unit

To create a custom unit go to Settings  > Preferences and scroll down to the section titled “Units: Time and Custom Unit Tracking”. Then, click “new unit” and input the unit name and the amount. Example: name = Days and value = 500.

expense from unit.png

Using Your Custom Unit

Create a new expense either by clicking “new expense” on the Expenses page of the web site or by clicking “expense” in the mobile app. Then enter the number of units in the “Amount” field and the name of the unit in the “Merchant” field.

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