Transferring billing for Expensify is quite straightforward. We bill our customers each month on a policy-by-policy basis and in order to be billed for a particular policy, you'll need to become the Policy Owner on that policy. If you want to be billed for all Expensify policies for your company, then you'll just repeat step #3 from below for each policy.

We recommend that you create an accounting alias to be the policy owner for your company (something like or This will ensure that you will always have only one Policy Owner and will prevent the situation where you would have to update Policy Owner in the case where an individual leaves your company.

In order to become a Policy Owner (take over billing of a policy):

  1. Be a Policy Admin on the policy
  2. Add a billing card to your own account
  3. Take over billing of the policy

1. Be a Policy Admin on the policy

If you see the below view when trying to access a policy or don't see an Admin tab on your account at all, then that means that you are not a Policy Admin for the particular policy that you're trying to take over. You'll need to be granted admin rights by an existing Policy Admin on that policy.

2. Have or place a billing card on file on the account that is taking over billing as Policy Owner

To do this go to Personal Settings > Billing > Add Billing Card

3. Take over billing of the policy

To do this go to Admin > [select policy] > Overview > Take Over Billing

That's it! Each month, you (as the new Policy Owner) will receive an email with the receipt for the policies that you own. The receipt is also accessible through the Receipts tab on your Expensify account.



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