Importing Expenses From a Spreadsheet or OFX File

If we do not yet support your bank directly, you can still get your transactions imported to your account by uploading them. You can download your transactions directly from a bank as either a spreadsheet or an OFX file. Either file type can then be quickly uploaded to keep your account up to date with the latest expenses.

Step 1: Download CSV 

First download an OFX file or a CSV/XLS spreadsheet of your expenses directly from your online banking account. Once you have this file, either:

  1. Click the Import credit card/bank account icon on your dashboard
  2. When entering a manual expense select the “A Lot” option > select ‘Import card/bank’ > select ‘upload’
  3. From Settings > go to the Credit Cards page > select ‘Import card/bank’ > select ‘upload’

Step 2: Set the Account Details

Define the bank name and account name and also set the date format to match your needs. Furthermore from this page, set the currency that will be applied to the file when imported. If you have previously imported a spreadsheet, choose your presets and everything will be filled in. 

Step 3: Select Column-Expense Attribute Mappings

Scroll down and pick which columns have the merchant, date and amount in them. Check the preview of you your selection below and when it looks good, click ‘add expenses’. When the upload finishes, click ‘done’ to close the dialog and view your expenses.