Attention Accountants and Admins: Class Is in Session, And It’s Free!

Interested saving your company and employees from the antiquated clutches of Excel? Or have you been charged with researching Expensify for your organization, and you’d like help setting up a FREE account? This curriculum will help you choose the right Expensify plan, set up an expense policy and add a reimbursement account - all in about 15 minutes.

Here are some great videos to get you started. Click the additional links for even more information.

1. What is this Expensify thing? How can you and your company benefit from Expense reports that don't suck?


2. Set up a reimbursement account so you can, you know, pay your employees. They like that. Oh, and a treat for you? We'll review automatic reimbursement to save you those extraneous clicks with our Perfect Setup.


3. Set up your policy after choosing between Team or Corporate. What's right for you?


4. If you are not taking advantage of our direct connections and are importing/exporting from Expensify using a custom accounting export, this is how to edit your expense tags and categories.


5. Oh, so you are using a direct connection to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Netsuite, Intacct, or Xero? Awesome. Here's how to tweak those categories and tags coming in from your accounting system. 


6. Easily set up all those nitty-gritty policy rules and settings for your team or corporate employees to follow. Feels powerful, eh? This includes currency, expense limits and receipt requirements, time tracking, mileage tracking, and a quick overview of our automations to save you oodles of time.


7. Now to manage your people! Invite your employees to your team or corporate policy, organize your workflow approval, and pick the lucky winners in charge of approving reports on your teams.


8. Here's the really fun stuff. How to manage and organize your reports, navigate your Report Inbox, and use the Guided Review feature to approve reports.


9. Whew! Almost there. But now for the créme de la créme of Expensify. Are you ready for total automation domination? Get ready for less clicks, less reviewing, and less time. Here's how.

Alternatively, visit our workshops page to view a full Expensify overview.

Still need help?

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