Create Rules for Recurring Expenses

To enable expense rules, visit our upgrade page and choose the plan the pertains to your needs.

Create rules for your expenses

A rule can be created right as you are viewing any expense in detail.

  1. Click edit on any expense to view it in detail
  2. Make the desired changes and check the  box below the expense details
  3. When you save the expense, the rule you are about to create will be shown in detail

  4. Make any changes or add details to your rule and click the save rule button to remember your preferences for all future expenses that match your defined criteria.
    • You can also check the apply to all box if there are any past transactions that should be reordered according to the new rule

You can always edit previously created rules from the preferences tab on your Settings  page.

Auto-Categorization Rules

Sometimes creating detailed rules is just too much when all you’d really like to do is change a few categories on imported expenses. If an expense has been auto-categorized, it will appear in italics. You can quickly change an auto-category in line so our app will start learning your preferences, and will apply the same rules to other expenses with the same merchant name automatically.

Take note that any time you create an explicit expense rule, it will override Auto-Categorization, and also any implicit categorization rules that may already exist.