Use Expense Reports to Track and Approve Spending

Expensify provides users who submit reports with an easy process of creating and submitting a report. On the approvers side, we provide a painless process to approve and reimburse reports. We also make it simple to customize your policy to include attributes that will apply to all reports under your policy. We then go a step further letting you export reports to your accounting package.

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Create and Submit Reports

Import or create the expenses that pertain to a certain report and attach any receipts or accompanying documentation . Don’t forget to categorize and tag all your expenses and then you are ready to easily create and submit your report.


Set Report Expectations Policy Wide

  • Apply violations and notes to your policy. This will help clarify what information is expected of reports for the policy.
  • Create report fields to apply information to the whole report, not just to an expense.

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Approve and Reimburse Reports

Expense reports are easy to approve and reimburse online. Any violations to your company expense policy will be highlighted and brought to attention sooner, letting you fix minor issues and seek clarification to avoid unnecessary confusion and confrontations down the line. Each action is recorded and appended to the report as a historical timeline of every action taken on the report by any individual.

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Export to an Accounting Package

With expenses split among employees and multiple people administering them, we give you a central view of everything that is going on. Complete the loop by selecting which reports to export to your accounting package. We will preserve all of the categories and map any GL codes on the back end so all of the expenses neatly fit in to their place in the ledger.

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