Create, Submit, and Close Expense Reports

Create a Report

With Expensify, all transactions are just a click away from being added to a neatly formatted and professional looking expense report. We highly recommend submitting expense reports online due to ease of use (no more scotch tape), technology accessibility (no more faxing), and doing your part to save the environment (no more wasting paper)!

  1. Get started on a new report by clicking the “new report” button from your Dashboard, or click “new report” from the Reports page.
Create new report.png
  1. Click “add expenses” to select the ones to add from a list of all your expenses: those you’ve uploaded using the mobile apps, imported from a credit card or bank account or created manually.
Add expenses to report.png
  1. You can remove any expenses from the report by clicking the delete icon (shown below). Note that these expenses will not be deleted, they will simply be removed from the report and returned to the unreported expenses list.
  2. Click on the green add receipt icon (shown below) next to any expense to attach a receipt to it. You can upload a new image or select from the receipts previously added to your account.
Add receipts to expenses on report.png

Look over the report for any policy violations and make any necessary changes to bring the report within spec of the expense policy you’re using. When the report looks good, submit it to your manager for approval.


The default currency for an individual Expensify account is set in Settings  > Preferences, and if you add expenses in multiple currencies to a report, these will be converted to your default reporting currency. By the way, did you know Expensify supports virtually every currency in the world?.

Example Expense Report

This is a typical expense report in Expensify. Below the expenses section, there is a signatures section, a report history section - which details all actions every taken on an individual report - as well as receipt thumbnail section, in case you’d like to look at a particular receipt in greater detail.

Sample expense report.png

Submit dialogue.png

Submit a Report

When you click “submit…” the email field may already be pre-populated. In this case, the policy owner has specified that you should submit to this person. You can edit this email to submit to someone else for special circumstances, or include additional people in the cc field so that they are copied on the report. You can also include a Memo with any notes or extra comments for your approving manager. When your report is submitted, we’ll send an email to your approver letting them know that your report requires their attention.

Violations warning.png

Submit with Violations

Sometimes your report will have violations and you still need to submit it. It’s ok - you can! Just let your manager know in the “Memo” field why you are submitting the report this way. Violations that are commonly bypassed are receipt requirements for mileage expenses, or expenses that go over a certain amount. If you have any questions concerning violations, talk to your approver about changing the policy to accommodate these exceptions, or learn more about violations.

Close a Report

If you created an expense report and don’t need to submit to anyone, you can submit the report to yourself and then approve it. The report will then read “closed”. If you need to open it, simply “unapprove” it and it will return to an Open state.

Delete a Report

Reports can be deleted only if they are in an “Open” state, and only by the person who created the report. To delete a report, just click the “delete” button in the Report. The expenses in the report will not be deleted, they will be returned to the unreported expenses list.

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