Full Audit Trail with Report History and Report Comments

Report History

At the bottom of every submitted expense report you will notice a section called "Report History & Comments". The report history portion of this section will provide a log of every action that was taken on the report. The actions recorded in the report history section include: 

  • Report submission
  • Report approvals
  • Report & expense rejections
  • Changes made to expenses by approvers and admins
  • Changes made to Report Fields by approvers and admins

Report Comments

The report comments portion of this section allows employees, approvers, and administrators communicate about the expense report. Anyone with permission to view the report can add comments.


Whenever someone posts a comment on an expense report, everyone who has taken an action on that report will receive an email notifying them of the comment. The email will include a link to be taken directly to the report so that they can respond to the comment if needed. Alternatively, they can simply reply to the email and their response will be recorded in the comments section of the report. Importantly, you can't comment on an open report, and you must use an email address associated with your Expensify account to reply with a comment via email.

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