Report-Level Allocation

Report fields differ from categories and tags because they gather information about the report as a whole, not any single expense. The most common report-level information added to an expense report in Expensify is employee name and department. Report fields are only available for companies on the Corporate plan.

Creating Report Fields

Company administrators can create report fields for their employees in their policy settings by going to Settings  > Policies >[Policy Name] > Report Fields.

Report fields can take the form of either a text box, drop down menu, or calender selector.

When you create your first expense report, the default report fields will be those set in the policy. For future expense reports, the report fields will default to those on the last report you submitted.

Using Report Fields to Create Custom Report Titles

Expensify can automatically generate a title for all reports submitted in a given expense policy. We’ve built this feature to help admins avoid a Reports page full of non-descriptive “New Report” titles.  

To create your custom report title, create a text report field with the name Title. You can customize the auto-generated title using formulas typed in the “Default” section.

With your custom-title formula entered, now anytime an employee creates an expense report, the default “New Report” title will be replaced with your custom one!

Report fields in report.png

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