This section handles the case where an employee or contractor leaves your company and they will no longer be submitting expenses. There are two ways to remove them. The first method will remove them from your company policy, but allow them to maintain a free account, while the second option will delete their account and account information entirely. If your company has Domain Control enabled, then the second option is generally preferable.

Remove employees from existing policies

Remove them from the company policy(ies) that they had been associated with. In this case, they would still be able to log in to Expensify under their company email address, but would not be able to submit reports to your company policy (i.e. you won't be charged for them). They would only have Expensify for personal use.

Instructions on how to do this:

Go to Admin > [select policy] > People > check the box next to the people you want to remove > Remove

Remove employees from domain control

This action deletes the employee's Expensify account and all related account information. Importantly, however, it keeps intact all reports that that employee has previously submitted (i.e. reports that are either Processing, Approved, Reimbursed). All of these reports would still be accessible via the Reports page. 

Instructions on how to do this:

Go to Admin > Domain Control > Domain Members > Check the box next to the people you want to delete > Select the trashcan icon

After deleting an employee from Domain Control, to search the reports that they submitted, simply search for the email address as normal in the search box on the Reports page.  The user's reports will appear under the deleted employee's "deleted" email address to indicate that the user account no longer exists. For example, a search for would find result in finding past reports that are indicated by the email address on the Reports page.

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