Reimburse Reports Directly Through Expensify

Expensify makes reimbursing expense reports quick and easy. Companies can reimburse expense reports within Expensify with ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal. This feature is only available to companies on the Team and Corporate plans

Important Notes

Reimbursement through Expensify comes at no extra cost. This feature is included in the cost of the Team and Corporate plans.

  • Expensify cannot process reimbursement for any single report over $20,000.
  • Reimbursement through Expensify is only available within the United States.

Where to Add Accounts

  • Company bank accounts should be added to the Reimbursement settings of the company admin who will be reimbursing reports.

  • Personal User or Employee bank accounts should be added to their own personal Reimbursement settings.

  • To add an account, click Personal Settings > Reimbursement and add the desired type of account.

Reimbursement Options.png

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit reimbursement allows employees to get reimbursed quickly by sending funds directly from a company bank account to the employee’s. To learn more visit our direct deposit reimbursement page.


PayPal Reimbursement makes it easy to reimburse employees, contractors, and more. To learn more visit our PayPal reimbursement page.

Mark as reimbursed

For those companies that reimburse expense reports outside of Expensify, marking reports as reimbursed lets employees know that payment is on the way.

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