Our customers who use the ideal flow of importing a credit card and SmartScanning their receipts also take advantage of our great feature that reduces duplicate credit card expenses.

To save you time and get you reimbursed as quickly as possible, we will automatically match SmartScanned receipts with your credit card transactions. So, SmartScan, then burn your receipts. We’ll also place a temporary violation on SmartScanned expenses until a viable card transaction match can be found. The violation will automatically expire after 7 days.

As an example, when you first SmartScan the receipt from a credit card transaction, it creates a cash expense with the appropriate policy violation. 

When the card transaction is imported, it will auto-match the receipt with that transaction. Here is an example of an auto-matched transaction.

If you know that the SmartScanned receipt is not for a credit card linked to Expensify, or is not a credit card transaction, you can click the blue ‘Ignore’ button.

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