Company Credit Card Reconciliation

Reconciliation allows you to run reports of all domain users’ credit card transactions imported from your corporate or commercial card feed. Reconciliation reports are great for seeing any outstanding expenses that still need submitting as well as those that have already been submitted.

Important notes:

  • To gain access to reconciliation reports you must be on our Corporate plan, have Domain Control enabled, and import your company credit card feed.
  • Reconciliation reports can only be run for cards that have been assigned to an employee's email account. If the card is available in the dropdown menu on the Company Cards page of Domain Control, but hasn't been assigned, it will not appear in the reconciliation report.
  • Only one domain member can generate one reconciliation report at a time.
  • Information on reports will not automatically update if any changes to expenses are made. Rerun the report by clicking the green ‘Rerun’ for the most up to date version of the report. 

Generating Reconciliation Reports

To generate a reconciliation report, go to the Loading Dock section in the Domain Control area of the Admin tab. From here, you will be presented with a few options:

  • From and To: These fields allow you to select the date range (based on posted date) across which you wish to run reconciliation.
  • Report Type: This field allows you to choose whether you want to see all expenses or just unreported expenses in the reconciliation report. All expenses will show you every expense that has been incurred on a corporate card. This includes both expenses that are on expense reports as well as expenses that have yet to be attached to expense reports. Unreported expenses just show expenses that have yet to be attached to expense reports.
  • Click here to download sample reconciliation report.
  • Columns to pay special attention to in the reconciliation report
    • Expense status: This will be either reported/unreported
    • Report name: Name of the report that that particular expense line is associated with
    • Report status: Status of the report. Open means that it has yet to be submitted. Processing means that it has been submitted and is awaiting approval. Approved means that it has been final approved.

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