Totally Paperless Receipt Management

Expenses and receipts are core to what Expensify does, so there are a variety of ways to bring them into the system:

  • Best option: Import “eReceipts” directly from your bank, securely and with no typing.
  • Next best: “SmartScan” receipts uploaded using the Expensify mobile app, or to
  • Alternatively, type in the expense information and “attach” to each receipt manually.

Importing receipts into Expensify

Let’s face it, paper receipts are a hassle that quickly get shoved into a wallet, crumpled, and lost. Now that we are in the 21st century and even the IRS accepts digital copies of receipts we are left wondering why anyone gives out paper receipts any more? No matter where you are, Expensify provides the right tool for the job:

  • While you sleep - For purchases under $75, we can automatically import IRS compliant Guaranteed eReceipts. These digital copies of their paper equivalents are added to your account with all of the new transactions that come in from imported credit cards or bank accounts.
  • On the go - Download our free mobile app and use it to upload pictures of receipts as soon as you get them, then SmartScan the expense information out of them automatically.
  • At your desk - If you use a receipt scanner and have the images (or documents) stored on your computer, upload them directly into Expensify and attach them to expenses. 
  • Through email - Hotel reservations, flight bookings and car rental slips typically end up in your email as a receipt anyway. Simply forward that message to and we’ll add the contents as a receipt. (Email is also the best way to upload receipts in bulk. Simply attach as many receipts as you can to one email and fire it off to us - we’ll process and add them all as fast as possible.)
  • From your web browser - install our Google Chrome Extension to create receipts directly from web pages. 
  • From Evernote - automatically import receipts from your Expensify notebook in Evernote. Read more on our Evernote help page.
  • From Dropbox - Import receipt images directly from your Dropbox account.

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