Based on your instance of QB Desktop (which we call any hosted version of QB), there are certain errors you can potentially run into when syncing your connection or exporting reports. This page is to help diagnose these errors. As always, please feel free to reach out to if further help is needed.

Issues syncing over updates to Chart of Accounts, Customers/Classes or Departments

The QBD Web Connector (QWC) has caps on the number of entries that it can pull from any given type of QB account. If you are having issues with the update to a specific type of QB account coming over to Expensify, it is likely that you are running up against the cap on one of the below accounts. Here is the list of account caps in for the QB Web Connector:

1,000 Employees
2,000 Accounts
3,000 Class
1,030 Customer
2,000 Vendor

When you have this issue, the most likely scenario is that you have run up against the max number of Vendors. Each time a new (unique) vendor is exported from Expensify to QBD, QBD creates a new entry for this vendor. For example, if QBD sees both Starbucks and Starbucks Union Square, it will create separate entries for both of these unique entries. In order to resolve this, you can simply delete the superfluous Vendors from your QBD instance. Once the number of Vendors falls to under 2,000, the QWC will be able to update changes in Expensify.

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