The expense policy is the umbrella under which your team will operate in Expensify. The policy defines the rules and workflows for your group. These rules can include expense classification options, individual expense limits, daily expense limits, report fields, receipt requirements, and much more!

Using the company policy

Step 1: Switching Between Policies

Once your company admin creates the first policy and invites you to it, the policy is automatically activated on your account. You are notified by email when you are added to a policy.

  • If this is not the first policy you are invited to, the new policy is not automatically activated on your account. Click the account settings icon in the upper right corner and click the policy name to activate it. This method of activation is also handy when you need to switch between different company policies.
  • Now that the policy is active, you can enjoy unlimited SmartScans every month!

Step 2: Classify your expenses

Activating the policy has now given you access to the policy expense classifications. This includes categories and tags. Once you have expenses importing to your account either via company cards, individual cards, or manual upload you can begin the classification process.

  • Categories
    • Categories typically map to the chart of accounts in your company's accounting program. Choose the most appropriate category for your expense.
  • Tags
    • Tags typically map to customers, jobs, classes, or departments but can also map to other items in your company's accounting program. Choose the most appropriate tag, if needed, for your expense.
  • Receipts
    • SmartScan will attach your receipt to any matching expenses that were imported from your credit card.  If there is no matching expense, SmartScan will create a new cash expense for the receipt.  Otherwise, manually attach a receipt if one is not already attached to the expense. Your employer may or may not require receipts.

Step 3: Report and submit your expenses

Now that the classification of expenses is done, you are ready to report and submit your expenses.

  • Click the checkbox to the left of all desired expenses and choose an open report or create a new report from the report assignment menu on the left.
  • Once the report is created, ensure any necessary report fields are correctly assigned. Report Fields are also controlled by the policy.
  • Submit your report and you're done!
  • If you notice any violation or notations on your report, correct or address those before attempting to resubmit.
  • Need to leave a special comment when submitting your report? Learn how to add comments in the Report History and Comments section.
  • To understand report states and buttons, click here.
  • Forgot to submit a report? No worries, Report Inbox will remind you!

Still need help?

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