Integrate Directly with NexTravel

Streamline the travel and expense process by integrating Expensify and NexTravel. When a travel booking is made in NexTravel, the expense info and receipt will automatically be imported in Expensify. This information will automatically merge with any connected credit cards and will also make travel data available with Expensify's Trips feature. 

Enable in NexTravel

Enabling the integration can be done in seconds. Just log into NexTravel as an admin and navigate to the Integrations section of Settings. From there, enable the Expensify integration. 

How it Works

When an employee makes a booking in NexTravel, the receipt itinerary will automatically be sent to the booker's Expensify account along with the expense details. If the booker also has a credit card connected to their Expensify account, this receipt will automatically merge with the credit card transaction. The travel information will also be available in the Trips section of the mobile app. 

Still need help?

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