Multi-Level Tagging

Multi-level tagging is available for companies on the corporate plan, and is intended to help accountants track additional information at the expense line-item level.

Multi-Level Tagging Setup

1. Ensure that you’ve upgraded to our Corporate plan and created a policy to add your tags to.

2. Decide what type of Multi-Tagging you’d like and click to download the correct CSV file:

Would you like your second tag, say ‘Project’, to populate different options depending on the first tag, say ‘Department’ selection?

3. Fill out the correct CSV file with your tags and go to the multi-tags editor page or send them to including the name of the policy you’d like them added to.

Once it has been setup, you will see the following in the Tags section of your policy:

Using Multi-Level Tagging

Once multi-level tagging has been set up, employees will be able to choose more than one tag per expense. Based on the choice made for the first tag, a second subset of tag options will appear.

After the second tag is chosen, more tag lists can appear, customizable up to 5 tag levels.

Accounting Setup for Mutli-Level Tagging

Every multi-level tag can be coded for export in a customized CSV export file, tuned to the requirements of your accounting package.

n-tag export format.png

For more information on accounting setups in Expensify, please visit our custom accounting page or email

Manage Your Companies Multi-Level Tags

This section is designed to help you to learn how you can upload/change your companies multi-level-tags whenever is convenient for you (without having to go through us).

When uploading multi-tags, you must use a CSV (comma separated value) or TSV (tab separated value) file type.


Step 1: Go to the Tag Editor Page




Step 2: Uploading Your File

  • Choose the policy that you would like to change/upload tags.
  • Select whether or not the first line contains the tag header.
  • Select whether the list is independant or dependant. Examples of each found above.
  • Select whether or not your tags list has the GL codes in the adjacent column.
  • Choose either to upload your tags as a CSV or TSV file 
  • Select your file and update your tags list!

If your have any questions about accounting setups in Expensify, please visit our custom accounting page or email

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