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Download our free app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. With Expensify mobile, you can track expenses, snap pictures of receipts as well as create & submit expense reports - all on the go!



Clicking the SmartScan button will allow you to snap a picture of your receipt which will then be uploaded into your Expensify account.

SmartScan will do the rest of the work by filling in the expense details, or attaching the receipt to the associated credit card expense. Don’t be alarmed if you do not automatically see your expense details; SmartScan is an intensive process and can take up to 10 minutes to complete. 

If you disable SmartScanning in your mobile settings , you will see a “receipt” icon instead of “SmartScan”.


Click the expense button to add an expense on the go.

If you’d like, you can attach a receipt to your expense while you add it.

After entering your expense details, you will have the option to categorize the expense and add it to a report.



The time button gives you the ability to add expenses that relate to time.

You will enter the number of hours and the rate for those hours. This will then create an expense by multiplying the number of hours by the rate.

The default rate that is used will be the rate in your primary expense policy.



The distance button allows you to create mileage expenses on the go.

You will have the option to enter the number of miles travelled, use beginning and ending odometer readings, or use the GPS tracking feature.

You will be able to set your unit of measurement as miles or kilometers.

The default rate that is used will be the rate in your primary expense policy.


The trips section will automatically display trip information from any itineraries forwarded treceipts@expensify.comSmartScan must be enabled when you forward your itinerary receipt in order for the trips function to work. Visit our Trips help page to learn more about this feature.

Expenses & Reports

The expenses page lists all expenses and receipts. The reports page lists all reports and their various states.

On the expenses page, unhighlighted items listed in black are unreported expenses/receipts. Items highlighted in gray are reported expenses/receipts. Items with a red refresh icon next to them are un-synced expenses/receipts.

From the reports page, you'll be able to create and submit reports. Approving of reports will need to be done from the website.

To refresh the expenses or reports page, pull down on the list and release.


From the settings page you will be able to sign out of your account, import a card, and turn on offline mode.

You can also enter Wingman mode here and use the delegated access feature to access another account.

If you wish to disable SmartScan for receipts uploaded via mobile, you can do that from here as well.

Checking the “Ask for photo source” (on Android) or the "Photos from library" (on iOS) box will allow you to upload pictures from your camera’s memory.

Defining your primary policy will determine which categories, tags, etc are available to you.


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