Merge Two Expenses

The merge expense function allows you to merge two expenses into one. This feature is typically used when the same expense is accidentally entered more than once. The merge expense function does not add two expenses together, but rather combines various components of two expenses into one new expense. While you can merge a cash expense and a credit card expense, two expenses that are imported from a credit card cannot be merged with each other. 

Initiating an Expense Merge

To merge two expenses from the Expenses page, first check the box next to the two expenses you wish to merge, then click the merge button. 

To merge expenses from within a report, click the pencil-shaped edit expenses icon. Then check the boxes next to the expenses you would like to merge and click "merge". 

Merge Expense Dialogue

Within the merge expense dialogue you'll be able to choose which aspect of each of the two expenses you would like to be used on the resulting expense. This includes the receipt, card, merchant, category, and more. 

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