Integrate directly with Intacct

Companies with Corporate policies can integrate Expensify with Intacct. Employees, departments, locations, classes, customers, items and projects can all be synced from Intacct. The expense data in Expensify can then be exported to Intacct as expense reports, vendor bills (for reimbursable expenses) and charge card transactions (for non-reimbursable expenses). The integration is easy to set up, ready out-of-the-box and will save your accounting team hours each month.

Important Notes

  • You'll need to be an admin in Intacct and in Expensify to complete the prerequisites
  • You have the option of exporting reimbursable expenses as either expense reports or vendor bills to Intacct. The required setup steps are different for these two different export options. 
  • The email addresses for employees in Expensify need to match the employee/vendor email address in Intacct since we use this as the unique identifier
  • The integration requires that you enable either Customization Services or Platform Services (these modules let us install a custom bundle, which improves your experience). When you enable this module, you'll get a message that says that you may be charged for them. Your Intacct consultant may charge for enabling them, but they are free of charge to enable and configure if you follow the steps outlined below.
  • In order to make the integration experience seamless, please follow the steps on our page for Vendor Bills or our page for Expense reports. If you have any questions anywhere along the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to




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