Import Troubleshooting

Credit card and bank account import can be confusing. Each bank does things differently and often different types of accounts at a particular bank will (mis)behave differently. If you do encounter any issues, we recommend that you contact and provide the error message that you received.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

Credit Card

  1. First, check that you can sign into your bank. This assures you that the username, password, and security questions you are entering are correct, and that your bank’s website is up and running as well.


  1. If you are importing from a US bank, chances are they support OFX or QFX. This is often referred to as Quicken Connect or Direct Conect, so make sure this is supported on your account.
  2. When you download the file, make sure that the file is not empty. Open the file in a text editor or Excel to double check. If you still have problems importing a file, email us and be sure to include the file as an attachment.

Common Import Errors

  • Why isn’t my credit card or bank importing properly?

    Credit card and bank account import can be confusing. Each bank does things differently and often different types of accounts at a particular bank will (mis)behave differently. Please take a look at the error you received and the related information below before contacting help. Odds are that you will find your answer here faster than we can respond to you via email.

  • How do I import a corporate card?

    All corporate cards can be imported using the same steps as for regular cards. If you are the master account holder, please make sure that you have created an individual login for each corporate card. This will allow your employees to connect with only the card they use instead of pulling in everyone else’s purchase history.

    Individual logins for each corporate card are typically created in the Settings section of your banking website. In rare cases, you may have to contact your bank to set logins for each employee.

  • I can log in fine on AmEx but can’t seem to import my account, why is that?

    American Express has several different interfaces for cardholders to log in to. If you have Program Admin privileges on the corporate card administration site, you will need to create an individual log in to access just your account. Please contact AmEx and set up a different login for the “Cards - Check and Pay Bill” login on the AmEx site.

  • Expenses stopped importing

    If your linked bank or credit card account was working correctly but later stopped importing expenses please check the Credit Cards tab on your settings page. If you see a yellow warning click the “fix” button to update the login or password linked with the account.

  • My employees can see all the corporate expenses

    If your employees are using a corporate card to make purchases, please make sure that each card on the account has an individual login for online banking. This will enable each individual cardholder to pull in expenses only from the card they use to make purchases. Individual logins for your corporate cards can be created from the settings page of your online banking.

  • Login Failed

    Nearly always you get this error message because your login name, password, or security question answer does not match what your bank has in their systems or because you have not enabled Direct Connect for your account. However, there are some cases where you can get this error message even if you are entering all that data correctly and have Direct Connect enabled. Listed below are some known trouble spots:

Most Common Problems

  • Your account is locked out

    Some banks lock you out after only a couple failed login attempts. This gets a lot of people. Just log into your banking website and make sure that this is not the case.

  • You need to activate Direct Connect

    Some financial institutions will require you to enable your accounts for application-based online banking. You can accomplish this by asking your bank to set up your account for direct connections from Quicken. Expensify uses exactly the same OFX server connection protocol as Quicken but your bank representative may not know this and mistakenly believe that you can not connect in Expensify. Calling up your bank and stating precisely the following should get you started. "Please enable direct connect on my account such that I can connect to your servers directly with Quicken. Also give me the login credentials I need to connect Quicken to this service."

    Application-based online banking sometimes requires a different login/PIN than the ones that are used for ATM or web-based banking. When you enable your account for access from Expensify or Quicken, your financial institution should let you know what customer ID/login and PIN to use.

    • American Express - International American Express accounts are not supported.

      American Express does not support Direct Connect for their international accounts. You can still download your expenses as a QFX, CSV, or XLS file and upload that to Expensify.

    • Bank Of America - Some corporate cards are not supported.

      We currently do not support some corporate cards offered by Bank Of America. Specifically, we have not built out the import technology if you log in from this page. These cards are relatively rare and other users who have their corporate cards linked to their personal accounts are able to import them without any trouble. If you would like to help us with this issue, please contact

      Note: Bank of America differentiates between Quicken and QuickBooks Connect. You must have Quicken support enabled for Expensify to successfully import your account through Direct Connect.

    • BB&T
      • Can’t be logged in when connecting.

        BB&T does not allow you to be connected through multiple sources at the same time. This means that you must be logged out of their website when you try to connect your card to Expensify.

    • Capital One (Banking) - You may need to enable Direct Connect.

      The error codes the Capital One banking website returns do not distinguish between failed logins and your account not being set up for Direct Connect. Please verify that your account is set up for Direct Connect.

      1. Please call CapitalOne at this number: 1-877-442-3764
      2. Choose Spanish if need be, otherwise wait for options.
      3. Press 1
      4. Press 3
      5. Provide information to identify your account
      6. You'll be put in touch with a customer service agent
      7. Please ask them this: "Please authorize an additional IP or device to my account in order for my Quicken software to connect via Direct Connect."
      8. If they ask about software, you can say Quicken or Microsoft Money as this is how Expensify interfaces with their system as it relates to their understanding and customer support scripts.
      9. Then connect your account in Settings > Credit Cards and add Capital One (Banking)
    • Citibank (Banking) - Citibank bank accounts are newly supported.

      We have recently added support for Citibank banking accounts and are still ironing out some of the finer points. We apologize for any issues you encounter, and assure you we are working to get this interface up to full speed.

    • Citibank (Credit Cards) - Shell cards are not supported.

      We currently do not support Citibank Shell cards. If you would like to help us with this issue, please contact

    • Chase - You are not getting the Activation Code.

      For some Chase accounts an Activation Code needs to be sent from Chase to you. If you do not have an email address or telephone number that can receive text messages linked to your Chase account, then you will not get this code. There are two ways to resolve this issue.

      First, you can add an email address to your account by:

      Alternatively, you can skip the Activation Code email if you enable Direct Connect. You can enable Direct Connect for your account by:

  1. Logging into Chase.
  2. Clicking on the ‘Customer Center’ tab.
  3. Clicking on the ‘Change e-mail address’ link.
  4. Logging into Chase.
  5. Clicking on the ‘Customer Center’ tab.
  6. Clicking on the  ‘Activate Money, Quicken, etc.’ link.
  • Diners Club (US)
    • Login names are case sensitive.

      For Diners Club a login name ‘mylogin’ is not the same as ‘MyLogin’.

    • Only US cards are supported.

      We do not support Non-US Diners Club cards.

  • FIA Card Services (Personal) - The required login information is for .

    Many different financial institutions use FIA Card Services for their credit cards. When you set your credit card you also create a FIA account on You probably rarely use this account, because all of your card data is available from your regular bank. However, this is the login information we need to import your credit card.

  • FIA Card Services (Business) - Some business cards are not supported.

    We currently do not support FIA business credit cards where you are required to log in at If you would like to help us with this issue, please contact

  • KeyBank - Direct Connect is not enabled.

    KeyBank charges for Direct Connect and you must enable it before we can import your expense history.

  • Regions Bank - Direct Connect is not enabled.

    You must enable Direct Connect on your account(s) before Expensify can import your expenses.

  • SunTrust - Direct Connect is not enabled.

    Direct Connect is a paid service with SunTrust which you must enable first. This can be done through their website here.

  • Union Bank of California - Direct Connect is not enabled.

    You must enable Direct Connect on your account(s) before Expensify can import your expenses.

  • USAA - Your ‘member number’ and ‘PIN’ are not what you would normally use.

    USAA import requires your ‘member number’ and ‘PIN’. These are not the same as your ‘online ID’ and ‘password’ that you normally use to log into their website.

  • US Bank - Security questions required.

    If you have your account set up to require a security question on every login we will have to pass that question down to you every time we update your account. To streamline the process and enable fully automatic updating you will need turn off requiring security questions on every login.

  • Wachovia - Direct Connect not enabled.

    You must enable Direct Connect on your account(s) before Expensify can import your expenses.

  • No credit cards or bank accounts found

    This issue is fairly straight forward. We did not find any credit cards or bank accounts for your login name at the selected bank. If you think this is an error, which you probably do otherwise you would not be reading this, then please contact We will get this bug sorted out as soon as we can.

  • Missing credit card or bank accounts from list

    Unlike the above, this issue is rather difficult to diagnose. The most common cause is that the bank uses a different log-in or url for their credit cards from their bank accounts. Below is a list of known issues. If you don’t find your bank there, contact

    • SchoolsFirst FCU - Visa accounts are not supported for Direct Connect. If you would like to import your Visa credit cards, please ask SchoolsFirst FCU to add support.
  • Direct Connect not enabled for this account

    Direct Connect is an interface financial institutions use to share your financial data securely with third party applications like, Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money, and Expensify. Not all banks support Direct Connect and not all the accounts have it enabled by default. Also, some banks may even charge a fee ranging from $3 to $20 per month to enable Direct Connect.

    If you received this error, then your bank supports Direct Connect and you probably want to enable it for your account. To do this, call your bank’s customer service number and ask how you can enable your account for Quicken access. It is easiest to mention Quicken instead of MS Money or Expensify, because Quicken is the largest user of Direct Connect and the phone operators will probably not need any further explanation.

    Note: Some banks differentiate between Quicken and QuickBooks Connect. You must have Quicken support enabled for Expensify to successfully import your account through Direct Connect.

  • Account not set up

    If you get this error, the solution is usually very simple. Just log into your banking website and do what it is asking you to do. Usually, this means one of the following:

    • All banks
      • Reset your password
      • Unlock your account
      • Update your security questions
      • Agree to some legal text
      • etc.
    • Diners Club (US) - You may already be logged in. If you are currently logged into your Diners Club account, please log out. If you are not logged in, then you may have an abandoned Diners Club session that is preventing our servers from logging in. Please verify you can log into your Diners Club account. If you are successful, then click ‘log out’ and try again. If you receive a message stating that you have an abandoned session still logged in, then wait a half hour and try again.
  • Account type not supported

    Sometimes we can detect that you have an account that we do not support. There are only a couple of cases where this is possible right now.

    • All banks - If your account is configured to use a language other than English, we may not be able to import it.

      Simply log into your account and switch your language setting to English in order to enable Expensify import. Alternatively, you can enable Direct Connect if your account is at Chase or Bank Of America.

    • American Express
      • Can not import from purged cards

        If you have purged a card from your account we can not import from it. We recommend you remove your card from Expensify as well if you have removed it from your American Express account.

      • International accounts not supported

        If your account is not a US account American Express does not support Direct Connect for your account so we can not support you yet. You can still upload your expenses from a QFX, CSV, or XLS file however.

    • Bank of America - If you have SafePass enabled for your account then we cannot import it.

      That security token device definitely does its job in preventing others from accessing your account. If you would like us to be able to import your Bank Of America account then you can either disable SafePass or enable Direct Connect. Note: Bank of America differentiates between Quicken and QuickBooks Connect. You must have Quicken support enabled for Expensify to successfully import your account through Direct Connect.

  • Connection error

    Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this type of error other than wait. Believe it or not, financial data gateways go down fairly often for scheduled maintenance or due to server errors. Sometimes they simply respond with ‘Please try again later’ or not at all. Just wait a few minutes or hours and try again. If you have been experiencing this problem for more than 24 hours, check the list below for known issues, or it may be due to an internal error.

  • Internal error

    Credit card and bank account import is a non-trivial problem. Each bank does things differently and they change things without warning. Unfortunately, this means that there will be bugs once in a while, but we try to fix them as soon as we catch them. Odds are you are reading this because one of these bugs has affected you. We are notified automatically of these errors, but to help you can send an email to with a bit of information about your account. Specifically, we would like to know how your account is different than a typical account: is it a corporate card, a secondary card added on an existing account, etc.

  • Expenses appear on my bank’s website, but not Expensify

    Some banks will display pending expenses on their website, sometimes up to 3 or more days before the expense goes through. We do not import these expenses because they are in a volatile state and can be canceled at any moment. When they are no longer pending, they will be automatically imported into our system.

  • Expense dates are incorrect

    In most cases, banks provide us the ‘post’ date and not the ‘sales’ date for your expenses. The ‘post’ date is the date that the money was officially taken out of your account. This is usually one day after the ‘sales’ date, but in extreme circumstances it can be up to 5 days later. Delays are often caused by a restaurant falling behind on adjusting the final expense amounts for tips before submitting those amounts to their credit card processor.

Still need help?

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