Import Expenses Directly From Credit Card or Bank

Important Notes

  • Most transactions under $75 are also eligible for automatically generated eReceipts.
  • Only cleared transactions will be shown in Expensify, pending transactions will not be shown.
  • Expensify pulls in expenses once a day, to update manually go to Personal Settings > Credit Cards > Update.
  • When first importing your card, Expensify will bring in the last 90 days of transactions. If you need to pull transactions earlier than this date, please upload a spreadsheet of your bank transactions to reflect these. 
  • If you have multiple accounts associated with one banking username, you will be given the option of which accounts to import.
  • If a card is deleted from Expensify, all of the unreported expenses from that card will be deleted from the system.
  • First, make sure that you can log in to your bank’s website. Check your username and password to make sure they are correct and that your bank’s website is up and running. If you do not have a username and password to access your credit card or bank account online, contact your bank institution for more details.

Step 1: Select your Bank

Cards can be added by:

  • Going to Personal Settings (upper right hand corner)  > Credit Cards > select Import Card/Bank
import card.png

This will bring you to this screen. Then pick your bank from the list of top banks or type in it’s name to bring it up in the search field.

Step 2: Username and Password

Connect with your account by using the same username and password you use for online banking.

username and password.png

choose accounts.png

Step 3: Select your Accounts

We pull in all of the accounts tied to your username, just pick and choose the ones that you want to import. If you are importing a corporate credit card or a card that someone else pays off, make sure to uncheck the box for “the expenses on these crds are reimbursable” when importing the card. Then click ‘add (and accept terms)’ to import your card.

Trouble importing your account?

Having trouble importing your card or bank account? Check out our import troubleshooting page for ways to fix the issue.

Still need help?

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