Expensify Codes

Expensify Codes are used to track customers, partners and clients. The codes ensure we are providing partners and their clients with the appropriate discounts, incentives or revenue share depending upon our relationship. Most partners are involved in either our Approved! Accountants or Approved! Resellers partnership programs. Once a partnership has been established, an Expensify partnership team member will be in contact to provide Expensify Code(s). If you need additional assistance or are unsure of the program and incentives you are receiving, please write to us at approved@expensify.com.

Expensify Codes are entered in the billing section of a policy owners personal settings. Once logged into Expensify, select the icon in the top right-hand corner of the page then click Personal Settings > Billing. On this page users can import a billing card, add Expensify Codes, and view billing history. To add a code, type it into the text box and click Validate.

Some accountants and partners may not have direct access to the billing owners account. In these cases, provide the billing owner with the Expensify Code and instructions above to enter the code themselves.

If the code is correct you will see a green check mark appear in the text box and a blue box stating the Expensify Code is valid.

If you need additional assistance adding Expensify Codes to a clients or your own account, please write to us at approved@expensify.com.


Still need help?

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