Collect & Track All Expenses In One Place

Expensify provides you with a number of different ways to bring in your expenses. We automate this process so it is as easy and efficient as possible to fill out and submit your expense reports.

Import Purchases Automatically

Expensify links up with the majority (98%) of US personal or corporate credit cards and bank accounts. We also support a growing number of international banks. We’ll pull in new transactions nightly and even give you eReceipts for qualifying purchases.

Bank not listed? Please email to have it added. Or you could import expenses from a spreadsheet or OFX file.

Mobile Expenses.png

Create Expenses on the Go

Our mobile apps are available on all major platforms and allow you to capture cash purchases right as they happen simply by taking a picture of the receipt.

  • Snap picture of receipts 
  • Manually create an expense
  • Expenses per hour
  • Expenses per mile

Expense Editor

Manage Your Expenses

  • Manually create and edit your expenses.
  • Use any currency - We support all of the world’s traded currencies so you can use our app around the globe. Any expenses that are in a foreign currency to your own will automatically be converted to the default currency
  • Track Taxes - Track your taxes for proper reporting on your expense line items with a rate and an amount.
  • Explicit and implicit rules - We do our best from the start to bucket your expenses in to meaningful categories. The more you use the app, the more we learn about your preferences to create rules based on individual requirements for any purchase.
  • Chart spending - For the visual people there’s also expense analytics. Quickly filter through your personal or an entire company’s spending to generate easy to read, actionable charts.
  • Save and export expenses - Save your filtered charts and export expenses to a spreadsheet at any time. All of your expense data is easy to retrieve and simple to migrate between applications.

Still need help?

Our friendly success team is here to help! Send us an email to and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.