We love to keep you updated! To change your email preferences, head to Personal Settings > Preferences. At the very bottom, you will see your email notification settings.

Let's dive into each type and explain what notices they will generate.

Changes to my trips and report updates (submissions, approvals, rejections, forwards, and reimbursements)

Wondering what's going on with your reports? We'll keep you updated! You'll get an email every time an action is taken on one of your reports. This is useful for knowing the status of a report you submitted as well as when you can expect to get reimbursed.

A copy of reports I submit or forward

With this option selected, you'll get an emailed copy of all reports that you submit or approve and forward on. Although all reports that you submit in Expensify are accessible as long as you have an active account, you may want to use this option to keep a PDF of the report stored for reference.

Relevant feature updates and Expensify news

Get (very occasional) Expensify news and product updates by email. 

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