Editing Imported and Manually Created Expenses

Editing an expense will allow you to change it’s name and any other details of the purchase. For example, sometimes the transactions we import directly from a credit card have too much information and you may want to remove the extra information. Editing expenses is also helpful when you need to split the expense.

Similarly, if you make repeat purchases that must be formatted in a specific way, rules for recurring expenses can be created based on your edits.

Edit the details of Expenses

Edit expense details in line

Inline expense edit.png

Or, hover over an expense and select the edit icon to bring up the expense editor

Open expense editor.png

Expense editor.png

The Expense Editor

The expense editor allows you to change all aspects of your expense. Whether its setting the date, changing the currency, adding a tag, or providing a comment, this is where you do it. The expense editor is also where you will go when you need to split an expense.

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