Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics

No matter which Microsoft Dynamics ERP system you are running, Expensify can integrate with it. The method with which you integrate with Expensify will depend on your version of Dynamics and your preference. No matter which method you choose, integration with Microsoft Dynamics is included in the cost of the Corporate plan.

Integrate Using eConnect

Integrating with eConnect is available for some customers using Dynamics GP. You will need to be using a version of Dynamics GP that includes eConnect. eConnect allows for a fully automated integration with Expensify. To set up an integration with Expensify using eConnect, please fill out our contact form so that we can work directly with your integrators to set up the integration.

Integrate Using Flat File Import

Most versions of Dynamics support integration through flat file import. Different versions of Dynamics have different names for their file import mechanisms including Integration Manager and Transaction Import.

Step 1: Set up your export format

There are various formats you can use for your spreadsheet upload into Dynamics. The format that you use will depend on what module in Dynamics you are uploading to (Payables, Journal Entry, etc) and what information you want to capture. Please reach out to so that we can help you setup your export format. Please attach an export template/example expense report to help us identify what your team needs to capture!

CSV export formats.png

Step 2: Export from Expensify

To export reports out of Expensify, go to the Reports page, choose the report you want to export, click Export To and choose your export format. Alternatively, reach out to to learn how you can access our API to have this information sent to your system automatically on a scheduled basis.

Export to Dynamics.png

Step 3: Upload into Dynamics

Once the file has been downloaded onto your system you will be able to upload it directly into Dynamics. You will not need to manipulate the file in any way before uploading. We are happy to work with you or your Dynamics integrator to automate the upload of this file into your system.

Still need help?

Our friendly success team is here to help! Send us an email to and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.