This powerful feature allows companies to take greater control over user accounts with email addresses on a particular “domain” (eg, everything after the “@” in an email address). Domain Control feature is most often used by companies looking to centrally manage employees, or to centrally import company cards. Domain control is only available on the Corporate plan.

With domain control, you can:

  • Require strict adherence to policy workflows

  • Require strict enforcement of policy rules

  • Disable select features including login selection, policy creation and policy selection

  • Delete user accounts

  • Set multiple permission levels

  • Import company cards

Setting Up Domain Control

Before starting, make sure that you have upgraded to the Corporate Plan.

Step 1: Go to Admin > Domain Control and click “Get in control”.

Step 2: You will then need to verify ownership of this domain before continuing. You may need to consult your organization’s IT department to complete the verification process.

You have two very simple methods to verify your domain:

1. Host a File

2. Add a DNS Record

 Remove all other entries to your DNS TXT record before adding the verification code provided. You can then verify the domain ownership. After the verification you can remove the verification code and put back the original DNS txt information, if you deleted in the prior step. 

Managing Domain Control

Visit the Admin tab to manage Domain Control.

Domain Members Page

From the Domain Members page you can:

  • Add and delete user accounts.
  • Move users between permission groups.

As noted, Domain Control allows you to permanently deleted a user account (this action is not reversible). Any reports that they have submitted under that email address will be maintained, but they will no longer be able to access their account in Expensify. Any open (unsubmitted) reports, expenses and receipts will be deleted. To find reports from this user, you will need to filter by ''. E.g.:

Domain Admins Page

The Domain Admins page allows you to designate domain administrators. Domain administrators have the ability to edit Domain Control settings, and create new users via Domain Control or by inviting them to policies.


Groups Page

From this page you will be able to create permission groups and edit current permission group settings.

Company Cards Page

From this page, centrally administer company cards to specific employees.


From this page, easily reconcile all unreported and/or reported expenses from specific date ranges.

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