Signing Reports with a Digital Signature

Digitally-signed reports add an extra level of security and trust for all submitted expenses. Any time a report is submitted or approved, Expensify adds the signature of the person taking that action. The IP address of the person signing the report is also noted in the report history. This makes it very easy to tell if someone had accessed an account and performed any actions from outside your company domain.

Digital Signature - 1.png

Create your digital signature

  1. If you are not on an existing company expense policy (likely because you’re using Expensify as an individual), then upgrade your account to the Corporate plan
  2. Go to Settings  > Account
  3. In the section named “Digital Signature,” type your full name or the legal name you use when signing documents
  4. Click “Save your digital signature” to use this name when signing all future expense exports

You’re done!

Enter Digital Signature.png

Enable/disable digital signatures for a company expense policy

The currently active expense policy dictates whether a signature is required on an employee’s expense report. If you are an administrator of your company’s expense policy, you can enable or disable digital signatures on all reports by following these directions:

  1. Go to Admin > Policies
  2. Click on the name of the policy you’d like to edit
  3. In the Reports tab under Report Basics, click the enable button for “Digital Signature Required.” Alternatively, if you’d like to disable digital signatures for your company, click that button again to set it as Disabled.
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