Import and Reconcile Company Cards

Note: If you use company cards and need to set up a direct Visa, MasterCard, or Amex feed, you will need to contact before contacting your bank.

With central company card administration, you can forget about cumbersome manual entry. Now your bank and Expensify will do all the typing for you! We’ll even automatically generate guaranteed eReceipts for all non-lodging transactions under $75. Central company card administration is only available on the corporate plan.

Centrally managed vs. Individually managed company cards

There are a number of different ways you can manage your company cards:

  • Individual management of corporate cards: Personal and corporate cards can be added by individual Expensify users at Personal Settings  > Credit Cards. Please note that for corporate cards, individual cardholders must be issued login credentials by the master account holder (accomplished within your banking site) before the card is added in Expensify. This option does not offer the use of reconciliation.
  • Centralized management of corporate cards: Go to the Admin page > Domain Control > Company Cards > select your corporate card provider > input the login credentials for the ‘master account’ and we will pull in all of the cards under the ‘master account’. This option does offer the use of reconciliation.
  • Centralized management of commercial cards: Commercial card feeds are managed by the company and imported directly from Visa, MasterCard or Amex. Note: You must contact to notify us that you wish to set up a commercial feed. Employees cannot import transactions by choosing a bank/card at Personal Settings > Credit Cards. Instead, employees are assigned commercial cards by your company’s Expensify administrator on the Admin tab.

Importing Commercial Cards

If your company uses commercial cards - which are available from Visa in the VCF format, or from MasterCard in the CDF/SmartData format - you will need to contact so we can assist.  

Assigning and Managing Commercial and Corporate Cards

Please note that central administration of company cards are only a feature of the Corporate plan. After upgrading to Corporate, you will need to enable Domain Control. With the Corporate plan and Domain Control enabled, you can seamlessly manage your organization’s cards from Admin tab in Expensify by going to Admin > Domain Control > Company Cards.

Simply enter the email address of your employee associated with their respective card number and hit the “Assign” button to assign company cards cards to your individual employees. If you're using NetSuite or QuickBooks Online, you can also use the settings cog to connect the card to a credit card account in NetSuite or QuickBooks Online. Find out more in our help page on exporting company card transactions.

After a commercial card has been assigned to an employee’s account, it will update daily and appear at Settings  > Credit Cards in their account. Their company card expenses will populate daily under the assigned employees Expenses feed (just as would reimbursable expenses).

When importing company card transactions under Amex (gl1025) feeds, we will filter out and not show the payment received transactions for paying off your Amex cards.

On the right side of the credit card drop-down you will see a field for the transaction start date. This is the date that will mark the first date in which you'd like to start importing the card's transactions. Any transactions that were posted prior to this date will not be imported into Expensify. This field is optional. If you do not make a selection, it will default to the earliest available transactions from the card.  

Automatic Statement Reporting

You have the ability to auto-create reports for all company card transactions in a given statement period by enabling the Automatic Statement Reporting feature. This function automatically places all expenses in a given period onto a report so your employees don't have to, and emails them a reminder when their expenses are due! All they have to do is submit. Visit the help page for more help on this feature!

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