• Categories in Expensify are alternatively known as Chart of Accounts, GL Accounts, Expense Accounts or Expense Categories. They are line-item expense detail that tie to your accounting and financial reporting systems.
  • If you are using one of our web service integrations with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero or NetSuite, then we automatically pull in these categories from your accounting system. If you are not using one of these systems, then you can import your categories either by CSV file upload or one-by-one.
  • Each category can also be set up to have specific Rules like receipts, max amounts, and comments required.
  • Requirements: In order to manage categories in an expense policy, you need to be an admin on that policy.

To upload by CSV file:

1. Create the spreadsheet of these accounts and save this as a CSV file.

There should be one column (column A) with what you want to be as the user-facing account name. You can also include a second column (column B) which can have the GL number associated with the account. Here is an example of what this file looks like:

2. Upload this file into the Categories section of the policy. Here is a video of how to do this:

To make changes on an individual Category basis:

You can also add category information on an individual Category basis. This includes adding a new Category, editing GL code or enabling/disabling the category.

- Add a Category: If you add a new category to your chart of accounts. To do this, input the name of the category in the "Add a category" box and click "Add".

- Delete a Category: If you no longer need the category or it no longer applies to your company chart of accounts. To do this, click on the red "X" next to the Category.

- Enable/disable a category: If you want the category to be visible in the "Categories" tab, but don't want it to be visible to employees when they are submitting reports or admins when they are approving reports. To enable, check the blue check box in the "Enabled" column. To disable, uncheck the check box.

Per Diem in Expensify

We've recently introduced Per Diem support in Expensify! You can find full information in our Per Diem help page.

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