Report Buttons and States


We’ve tried to make everything in Expensify as intuitive as possible, but just in case you have questions we’ve added a run-down on report buttons.  Note that the buttons you see will depend on what state your report is in (open, submitted, approved, etc.), and whether you are the submitter, the approver, or the accountant.

  • Sends the report to the specified email address, with the option to CC additional people. When you click submit, you can also add a memo and choose whether to email your approver a full-color PDF of the report.

  • Closes the report without submitting to anyone.

  • Reopens the report for editing.

  • Takes the submitted report back and re-opens it for editing.

  • You can either "Final Approve" the report or "Approve and Forward" to someone else for additional levels of approval.

  • Undoes the final approval and returns the report to Processing for the approver to review. If the report was closed, this will reopen it.

  • Formally rejects the report and sends it back one step in the approval process with comments on what needs to be fixed.

  • Pay the submitter the reimbursable amount of the expense report by ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal.

  • In case the reimbursement was manual (by check or otherwise), or you simply want to keep track of the transfer status, this confirms that you've received the reimbursement and is the final step in the workflow.

  • You can export the report to an external system or to a custom spreadsheet file.

  • Gives you control over the current action being taken on the report. Allows you to take approve, reject, unapprove, etc actions on the report.

  • Creates an invoice from the billable expenses on the report. The billable expenses from the expense report will be copied over to a new invoice.

  • Options. Provides you with different layout options for the report. Allows you to adjust the way the items on the report are grouped and laid out.

  • Add Expenses. Allows you to add expenses directly to the report. You can add existing expenses or create new expenses from this dialogue.

  • Edit Expenses. Allows you to edit the expenses on the report. You can split and merge expenses from this dialogue.

  • Attach Receipt. This dialogue allows you to attach a receipt directly to the report. These receipts will not be attached to a specific expense, but to the report as a whole.

  • Sharing Options. This button allows you to share additional users on the report and see who is currently shared. Any shared users will be able to view the report.

  • Print Report. This button will open your browser's print function. This will print the report as it appears on the page.

  • Generate PDF. Downloads a PDF copy of the report to your computer. This PDF will include full-size receipt images.

  • Delete Report. Removes the expenses from the report and deletes the report. The expenses will be moved back to the Expenses page in your account.


Report states help you understand the status of your report, the permissions each user has, and which actions are permitted at any given moment. Here’s an overview of the different report states you may encounter in Expensify:

report states.png
  • OpenA report that has just been created and never submitted. The report creator has full control to edit the report, and policy admins for the report's policy can view and submit the report.
  • Open (retracted): A report that was submitted but later retracted by the report creator. In an Open (retracted) state, the report creator can edit the report and still re-submit.
  • Open (rejected): A report that was submitted and then rejected by the report approver. Reports in this state can be edited by the report creator before re-submission.
  • Processing: A report that has been submitted, and is moving through an approval chain. The report creator has read access to the report, and can retract it before approval for further editing. Approvers can edit the report title or expense details, as well as reject or approve the report.
  • Closed: A report that someone submits and approves without anyone else seeing. Closed reports can be opened for further editing.
  • Approved: A report that has been submitted, processed and final approved. The report can then be reimbursed by the approver, or shared with an accountant. Should the report require further editing, it can be unapproved.
  • Approved (reimbursement pending)A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement in pending status waiting for a deposit ACH or PayPal account to be added to complete the reimbursement.
  • Reimbursed: A report that has been submitted, final approved, and marked as manually reimbursed. The report creator can then confirm that the reimbursement has been received outside of Expensify.
  • Reimbursed (withdrawing): A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement in transit or pending bank approval.
  • Reimbursed (confirmed): A report that has been reimbursed through ACH or PayPal, with the reimbursement confirmed to have reached its destination. This status may also appear when the report creator has received a manual reimbursement (such as a check) and the approver has marked the report as reimbursed (with the report creator confirming receipt of the reimbursement).

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