Reimburse Reports with Bitcoin

Introduction to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority. It depends on the same cryptography that secures websites to ensure the validity of the currency and payments.

Before sending or receiving Bitcoins, you will need to establish a Bitcoin wallet. The wallet, either stored locally on your computer or on a website, will have an address assigned to it that you will use to send or receive Bitcoins. is an online wallet provider where you can buy and sell Bitcoin.

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Important Notes

  • Transferring money into Bitcoins is like transferring money into a foreign currency. As with any other currency, the value of Bitcoins may increase or decrease in value relative to your original currency.
  • Reimbursements with Bitcoin are made directly from the reimburser to the submitter. Expensify is not a party to the transaction, and a Bitcoin reimbursement cannot be canceled or reversed once initiated.

Getting Reimbursed With Bitcoin

Once you’ve set up your Bitcoin wallet, you’re ready to receive Bitcoin reimbursements. When submitting reports, you have the option to request Bitcoin reimbursement.

Request Bitcoin Reimbursement.png

If this box is checked, you will be asked to enter your Bitcoin address. You can have this box be pre-filled with a default Bitcoin address by going to Settings  > Reimbursement.

Enter Bitcion Address.png

If you don’t check the “Request Bitcoin reimbursement” box and your employer tries to reimburse an expense report with Bitcoin you will receive an email asking you to enter a Bitcoin address. This email will include a link to enter this address. To convert Bitcoin you have received to another currency, see the Exchanging Bitcoin section below.

Reimbursing Reports With Bitcoin

Before reimbursing reports, you will need Bitcoins in your wallet. To purchase Bitcoin with other currency, see the Exchanging Bitcoin section below.

  1. Once the report is final approved, click Reimburse > Via Bitcoin.
Click reimburse bitcoin.png

2.  If the submitter has not added a Bitcoin address to the report, you will see the option to send them an email notification requesting that they do so. After they add the address, you can continue from Step 3.

3.  If the submitter has already added a Bitcoin address to the report, you will see a dialog presenting the amount of Bitcoins to send (calculated at the current exchange rates) and the address to send to.

4.  After reimbursing the report, click the “Mark as reimbursed.” button. This will change the report state to reimbursed, and includes the Bitcoin address and amount sent.

Send Bitcion Reimbursement.png

Exchanging Bitcoin To and From Other Currency

We recommend as the easiest way for our U.S. clients to buy and sell Bitcoin in U.S. Dollars, especially with their “Instant Buy” feature. For additional information, please refer to the documentation provided by these services.

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