Designating Expenses as Billable and/or Reimbursable

Setting Expenses as Billable

Billable expense editor.png

Defaulting All Expenses as Billable

If you want all of your expenses to default as Billable, go to Settings  > Preferences and create an expense rule. Put a period “.” in the When the Merchant name contains box. Then, choose “Yes” for Billable. If you want this to apply to all past expenses as well, check the box for “apply to matching past expenses”.

BillableReimbursable rule.png

Marking Expenses as Reimbursable

Reimbursable expense editor.png

Defaulting Expenses as Reimbursable

In order to default expenses from a specific credit card or bank as Reimbursable, go to Settings  > Credit Cards and click “edit” next to the card in question. Then, check the box for “Reimbursable”. 

Reimbursable credit card.png

To have manually created expenses default as Reimbursable, follow the same process as above for billable expenses and choose “Yes” for Reimbursable. 

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