Approval Modes

Expensify has 3 different approval modes available for companies to choose from. These modes are meant to encompass the various approval needs that companies may have. Which approval mode you use for a given policy is chosen in the People section of the policy settings.

Important Notes

  • The default approval mode for all policies is Submit-Only.
  • You can edit the approval settings in the People section of your policy. To adjust your approval settings, navigate to Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > People.
  • You can have multiple approval modes across your company by having multiple expense policies.
  • Want to add another policy administrator? Just invite the person to a policy and assign the Administrator role. If you forgot to do it upon invitation, just click on the cog on the right and select 'Administrator' instead of 'Employee'.
  • Need to add a report auditor?  Just invite the person to the policy and assign the Auditor role. If you forgot to do it upon invitation, just click the cog on the right and select 'Auditor' instead of 'Administrator' or 'Employee'.  This role is available on all policies.



  • Submit-Only is the most basic approval option in Expensify. This is also the default option.
  • When the submit-only option is enabled, reports for all users will be sent to a single person or external system. The reports will automatically be closed in Expensify after submission, with no approval required.
  • This approval mode is typically chosen by companies that do not require reports to be approved, or simply want to send reports to an external system like AvidExchange.

Submit and Approve.png

Submit & Approve

  • The submit and approve option is the basic option for companies that require reports to be approved.
  • When the submit and approve option is enabled, reports for all users will be submitted to a single person for approval.

Advanced Approval

  • Advanced approval is available for companies that have more complicated approval workflows.
  • This feature is available only to corporate policy customers.
  • When the advanced approval option is enabled, the approval workflow can be configured at the employee level. This option also allows for a multi-tiered approval and rule-based approval structures.
  • To read more about setting up advanced approval please visit our dedicated advanced approval help page.

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