Visualize Spending With Analytics

Our analytics tool helps you drill down and view spending in the ways which are most meaningful and relevant to your needs. For example, you can filter spending by card or bank account, narrow in on specific categories, get an idea of an individual’s spending over a period of time or any combination of the above. Like a paint by numbers for accounting - answers to whatever questions you have about individual or company spending can be illustrated with just a few clicks!

The Analytics Tool

All analytics searches start on the Expenses page using the filters along the left hand side. 

  • Set a date range for the analytics and, if need be, find a specific merchant.
  • Narrow in on which accounts and exactly what type of expenses you want to see using the drop down menus in the middle.
  • Switch to a graphical view with the icons at the bottom. There will be more filtering options along the top of each graph, too

Still need help?

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