Customized Exports for Your Accounting Package

This page provides guidance on how to create a custom CSV or .XLS file for accounting purposes. If you’d like to configure an export format for payroll, see our payroll overview page.

Configure an Export File

Export files are configured at Settings  > Preferences > CSV Export Formats for all accounts. Corporate plan subscribers can also create a policy-specific export format at Admin > Policies > [Policy Name] > Export Formats. When you create a new export format, or edit an existing one, you will see the following screen, which allows you to dictate the specific content (and order) of each column in the export file.

Custom Formulas

Formulas allow you to enter complex, dynamic fields into your report fields and custom spreadsheet templates. They are designed to simple formulas, as seen in Excel, but powerful enough to satisfy almost any requirement. 

To view the full list of formulas, visit our report export page.

Export Reports

In your Expensify account, start by opening an approved report - or select an entire batch of reports from the Reports page. Then select the “Export to” button and choose the pre-configured export file.

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